Essential oils that are good for your dog

Not all essential oils that are safe and helpful for humans are safe for pets. Before using any essential oil with your pet make sure it’s safe. Also remember that our pets have a much more acute sense of smell. A little oil goes a long way!

Choose the right oils

Also, many dogs and cats groom themselves, and many essential oils should not be ingested. Use therapeutic grade oils when applying them externally. If you’re giving your dog or cat essential oils internally, make sure the oil is food grade and safe for your pet.

Our pets are especially sensitive to smell

You can help you pet adjust to the aromas without becoming overwhelmed by wearing them yourself or diffuse the oils in spaces where they spend time.

The oils listed here are generally safe for use with dogs. Cats react differently to oils, and not all oils that work for dogs are safe for cats. Take extra care when using oils with cats. Our pets are individuals so watch for potential allergic reactions.

Applying oils to the skin

  • Dilute the oils before applying because some (like peppermint) can irritate the skin if applied directly.
  • Avoid applying oils on or near sensitive areas like eyes, nose, ears, and genital area.

Some essential oils for dogs

  • Ginger—calms digestion, eases pain of arthritis, strains and sprains (use in small amounts, always dilute)
  • Lavender –antibacterial, helps with anxiety, car sickness, and insomnia
  • Niaouli— antihistaminic, antibacterial (safe alternative to tea tree oil)
  • Peppermint—stimulates circulation, helps with arthritis, strains and sprains
  • Roman Chamomile—relieves muscle pain and cramps, calming (not for cats!)