For weepy eyes or pink eye, my favorite treatment is eyebright. It’s not for eating; it’s applied to the eye as eye drops. So it’s not food, but it’s natural. And anything that goes in the eyes or on the skin gets absorbed into the body. (Something to think about when we’re putting stuff in our eyes or on our skin too.)

I used to get herb packets from Our Earth Cures, but sadly, the wonderful herbalist who made them, isn’t presently able to do that. So…you can get capsules of eyebright or the dried herb at natural foods stores. If you use capsules, break open two or three in a cup. Add a cup of boiling distilled water and let steep for about five minutes.

Strain the solution through an unbleached coffee filter or unbleached muslin (no synthetic fabrics) to remove granules or particles and let cool to room temperature. Use an eye dropper to apply the solution. Refrigerate and make a fresh batch every three or four days. Other herbs can be added (goldenseal, bayberry, and red raspberry) or purchased in combination as EW.